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Danny Boice is the Co-Founder and CEO of Trustify, a technology platform that connects clients from all over the United States with a network of highly vetted and trained professional private investigators. Whether for business or personal reasons, Danny Boice and his wife Jennifer Mellon, together with their network of private investigators, are always ready to be of service to anyone who comes for help.

Danny Boice didn’t have a happy childhood, and a significant part of his adult life was laden with personal issues: an unhealthy first marriage, addictions, and failed startups. His own painful experiences inspired him to establish a business that can help others. His mission is to be of service to those who need help, and as part of this mission, he decided to put up this blog site to give others a voice and show them that there are people that they can still trust.

What can you expect from this site? Danny Boice answers:

If you’re new to this site, here’s a brief rundown of the pages included here:

  • About – You can learn more about Danny Boice here; his childhood, family life, and a few other personal details about his life.
  • Purpose – On this page, Danny shares his inspiration behind Trustify and talks a bit more about the company’s services.
  • News – Keep tabs on this page to read the latest news and updates about Trustify.
  • Blog – This is where you should go for the latest posts and articles on all things private investigation

This blog site will be updated regularly so make sure to bookmark the site to stay up-to-date!

In the meantime, Danny Boice invites you to visit the rest of the pages to learn more about him and Trustify, and find out more how a private investigator can help you with your situation.

He grew up in a household devoid of the one essential that every child needs: a loving and supportive family. At age 13, Danny Boice left home to live with a foster family. When his parents divorced, he made the painful decision to cease all forms of communication with them.

His childhood experiences and his own undiagnosed mental illness led to drugs, alcohol, and other addictions. These, coupled with an unhealthy first marriage and a rocky second start-up, were issues he knew he had to face and overcome for the sake of his two children.

Today, Danny Boice is a happy individual, a proud husband and father, and a successful businessman.