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Danny Boice | Backround Checks for Employees

As much as we want to see the best in our people, there’s simply no way to justify not doing a background check before hiring a new applicant. Danny Boice shares his insights and experiences to convince you to do the right thing by hiring an experienced and professional private investigator to conduct a thorough background check before hiring a new employee.

Below are his top reason why you should always hire a PI to do an applicant background check.

1. Keep Your Company’s Information Safe

An obvious concern when hiring new people is the integrity of the new hire. When you invite someone into your company, you give them access to company files, long-term strategies, supplier information, client-information, and perhaps even financial information.

Its your responsibility to ensure that your employees act ethically. A background check, according to Danny Boice, will help to minimize your exposure.   Image Source:

2. Keep Your Company’s Reputation Safe

Each employee you hire is a representative of your company, whether or not they’re under public scrutiny. Unfortunately, with the power of social media at their fingertips, individual employees (even new ones) can do much to harm your hard-earned reputation, whether they mean to or not.

3. Know What You’re Getting Into

Even if you’re willing to accept employees who have had past transgressions, at the very least, you can keep a close eye on them knowing what they have done in the past. Danny Boice says, you’ll know what kind of offenses to look for, and perhaps the degree to which you can expect it to reach.

4. Take Preventative Measures

If you’ve decided to hire an employee with a past, then you can at least let them know that you know what they’ve been through. Show them that they haven’t pulled one over on you. If the offense has anything to do with social media, then you can even request that they delete offending posts.

5. Keep Your People Safe

Finally and most importantly, Danny Boice explains, a thorough background check will not only protect your company, but it can help you protect everyone you work with and everyone who your new hire interacts with. This includes protection not only from a history of physical harm, but also psychological harm such as bullying and verbal abuse.