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Danny Boice | Conducting a Background Check

What shows up on a background check will depend on the type of background screening that is being conducted, but in general, we should always verify personal information that has been provided to us through a background check. This is standard procedure especially for companies and employers, says Danny Boice, co-founder of Trustify, a platform that makes private investigation services accessible to users.

A background check will not only help verify information, but it will also provide valuable insight that can protect us, our employees, the company, or our loved ones from untrustworthy individuals. As it is you should look into a number of facts about people you will soon be working with, including their credit history, driving history, and criminal records. Danny Boice says that a standard background check for employment should typically reveal the following:

SSS validation and credit history

It is standard practice to conduct SSS validation to find out if the person is who he says he is, and whether he is eligible to work in the United States.

Obtaining one’s credit history will entail getting a hold of the individual’s personal information such as his home address, previous known addresses, social security number, and financial information such as current debt including credit cards, student loans, car payments and mortgages; past and defaulted loans; as well as late and ongoing payments. Image Source: WJ Cousins & Associates

Criminal history

An job applicant’s criminal history is one of the key components of most companies’ background checks. Prospective employers will most definitely want to protect themselves and their staff by knowing if the applicant has a history of violent crime, sex offenses, and other felony convictions. Most of this data, such as the Sex Offender Registry, is public information. Moreover, one should find out whether an applicant has any outstanding warrants, prior convictions, or an incarceration record.

Education and employment

Danny Boice says that the extent of their education and professional experience is where most job applicants tend to embellish or exaggerate their claims. While some companies may be satisfied with a letter of recommendation from a former supervisor or manager, it is your responsibility to actually be more thorough when conducting this kind of background check. Make phone calls and speak to an applicant’s former teachers or employers to verify his educational background, employment history, and past salary.

DMV records

If you’re filling a job position that involves the use of company vehicles, then the applicant’s DMV records should definitely be included in your background check.

Aside from the information above, Danny Boice says that you should go above and beyond the typical background check by also performing an online background check. Search for the individual’s name on Google and other social media platforms. A conscientious person would’ve made sure that all his social media accounts, blogs, and personal websites are professional, up to date, and free from anything that would cast him in a negative light.

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