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Danny Boice Talks About Background Checks

When it comes to hiring someone who will go out and interact with other parties on behalf of your company, you should at least know what you’re getting into. With this in mind, Danny Boice, CEO of the Trustify private investigator network, has put together a list of top athletes who we know and love, but have some mishaps that they probably don’t want you to know about. Image Source: GroupOneServies

Magnifying lens over grey teamwork with red leader

What Danny Boice has compiled below is a reminder that everybody makes mistakes.

1. Tiger Woods – We can’t talk about background checks without at least mentioning infidelity. In the mid-2000’s the name Tiger Woods was almost synonymous with golf. He was the fine young man who took up a gentlemen’s sport and injected it with a youthful vibe.

That all changed with news blew up about his multiple extramarital affairs. The image of the father of two was tarnished for life.

2. Serena Williams – Do you remember when Serena’s multi-million-dollar endorsement deals were threatened at the peak of her career? In 2013, the eight-time number singles tennis champion said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that a 16-year old who was raped in Steubenville, Ohio had been “lucky,” and that she “shouldn’t have put herself in that position.”

Though Williams got off relatively scot-free for her comments, there were calls from women’s groups and all over the internet for Nike to revoke their sponsorship of the Tennis star.

3. Manny Pacquiao – The Pacman is the epitome of rags to riches. In the mid-2000’s he was relatively humble, well known for his generosity having supported multiple charities, and the word was that he wanted to go into politics to help his country.

Then in 2013, Pacquiao had his accounts frozen by the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenues for tax evasion. In 2017, the now-Senator Manny Pacquiao approached Philippine authorities to try to settle his case.

4. Lance Armstrong – Who could forget the cancer survivor who came back stronger than ever after remission to win the Tour de France 7 times? We all wanted to believe it was the power of the human spirit powered him through. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an open secret of systematic doping that gave him that extra “oomph”.

Not only did Armstrong himself break the rules, but he pressured his teammates to follow suit.

His only concession is that experts generally tend to agree that just about everybody cheats in professional endurance sports.