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Danny Boice | When Do You Need a Trust and Safety Check?

There’s this notion that trust and safety checks are but just another cost to companies. While conducting background checks do entail money, the benefits far outweigh the monetary costs. Think of a background check as an investment to your or your organization’s reputation and safety. Trustify founder Danny Boice recommends running a trust and safety check when you find yourself in the following situations: Image Source:

1. Hiring a candidate for your company – Arguably, hiring managers face a ton of pressure to make the right decisions. On-boarding the wrong candidate not only costs the company valuable time and resources, but it can also put the company’s image at risk, says Danny Boice. One mistake hiring managers often make is putting too much stock on the candidate’s credentials. On paper, they may seem like a good fit, but without a comprehensive background check, hiring managers find out the hard way that the employee may have a questionable past that runs contrary to the company’s values.

2. Hiring a nanny or caregiver for your family – When it comes to the safety and well-being of your family, such as your children and your elderly parents, no price is too high. In the same way hiring managers put too much stock in a potential employee’s credentials on paper, some families are too trusting of strangers that they let their guard down. When hiring a nanny or a caregiver for your family, remember that a face-to-face interview isn’t enough as well. The person may be skilled at building rapport, winning your trust, but has a less than ideal past, casting doubt.

3. Entering a business partnership – Running a trust and safety check should be protocol with business dealings. After all, you’re putting your name, your hard-earned money, and your company’s branding and values on the line. In extreme cases, business owners may even find themselves at the receiving end of a lawsuit simply because they failed to do their due diligence. But these can be avoided with a comprehensive trust and safety check, like that offered by Trustify and Danny Boice. Clients can take advantage of their years of experience in the industry and established network to gather insightful information.

4. Donating a large sum of money to a charity – Don’t let malicious and unethical people take advantage of your generosity and kind heart. Danny Boice shares his experience uncovering fraudulent charities that scam donors. He shares that charities are also common vehicles of money-laundering that can go undetected for years. In simpler cases of fraud, some users have been found lying about their identities. These are things that will only come up with a comprehensive trust and safety check.

5. Getting serious about a relationship – Dating apps have become very popular recently, giving single folks the means to meet other people. But for every success story there’s about a dozen others about people who have fallen victim to cat fishing. If you met someone online and are thinking of jumping into a relationship with them, slow down first and have a private investigator conduct a trust and safety check.