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Danny Boice | About

The early years of Danny Boice’s childhood was anything but happy. He was born into a family rife with issues: strict military upbringing, flaring tempers, alcohol addiction, and undiagnosed mental illness (bipolar disorder and depression). To say that he didn’t have a strong family foundation to support him would be an understatement.

He grew up in a household devoid of the one essential that every child needs to grow into a well-rounded individual: a loving and supportive family. The one place that should have been his sanctuary; his safe place, was the very same place that made him feel fearful and vulnerable. So at age 13, when Danny Boice received a baseball scholarship, he left home to live with a foster family. When his parents divorced, he made the painful decision to stop communicating with them.

His childhood experiences and his own undiagnosed mental illness led to drugs and alcohol, sex and other addictions. These, coupled with an unhealthy first marriage and a rocky second start-up, were issues he knew he had to face and overcome for the sake of his two children.

As a child who grew up without the foundation of a happy, healthy and normal childhood that every child deserves, Danny Boice knew he had to find a way to give others a chance to feel safe and secure, and to bring back ‘normalcy’ in their lives. This was the inspiration behind Trustify.

Before he co-founded Trustify, Danny Boice served as Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (during the time of then President Obama) with a special focus on protecting the elderly from fraud. He also founded several other businesses including Speek, a technology focused on online communications.

Today, Danny Boice is a happy individual, a proud husband to Jennifer Mellon, a doting father to five children, and a successful businessman. He and his family attend Metro Church in Alexandria, VA.