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Danny Boice | Purpose

Before Danny Boice co-founded Trustify with his wife Jennifer Mellon, he served as Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) for the U.S. Department of Health and Services where his job focused on protecting the elderly from fraud. It was during this time when he discovered just how vulnerable the elderly population is, not only to fraud but other forms of abuse as well. He felt that if the elderly were being defrauded and abused by the very people that they trust, who else can they turn to?

For Danny Boice, this hit too close to home because there was a time in his life when the very people he thought he could trust to protect and care for him were the same ones who broke that trust: his family. His childhood experiences as well as his experiences and observations as the EIR to the U.S. Department of Health are the inspirations behind Trustify.

What is Trustify?

Briefly, Trustify is a company that uses technology to connect clients to a network of highly trained and vetted private investigators from different parts of the U.S. Why private investigation? Danny Boice explains:

“Individuals who are victims of domestic abuse and violence, people who are being harassed and bullied, and ex-spouses who are fighting for custody of the children solid evidence to be heard; to be believed. Sadly, especially in the case of harassment and domestic violence, no action is taken by the proper authorities until the situation becomes even more violent or turns fatal.”

It is these helpless individuals that Danny Boice primarily wants to help because he can relate with them. He was also a “victim” of a dysfunctional family who had to make the tough decision to leave home and cut ties with his parents, so Danny Boice completely understands their challenges. More than anything, he is passionate about helping people regain control of their lives; to feel safe and secure, and to know that there are still trustworthy people out there.

Today, Danny Boice through Trustify, continues to help vulnerable people find the answers that they seek with on-demand private investigation services.